Scenes From Dinner: The Beginning

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I am so unbelievably happy to be starting to write on here. Thank you so much for clicking on the Scenes From Dinner blog. On March 17th 2015, I decided to create Scenes From Dinner on Instagram and have been posting food pictures ever since. It’s funny because previously I would always question why people would take pictures of their meals and now, I have become a food picture taker myself. Before I eat any meal now, I always make sure to take a couple of pictures. Taking pictures of food has definitely become a trend. I got the idea to create a food page from some of my friends who encouraged me to start posting on Instagram because I would constantly suggest restaurants to check out in both Windsor and Detroit.  A lot of people think Windsor, Ontario is boring with not a lot of fun things to do here or places to go, but I wanted to change all that negative thinking because there really is a lot to do here.

I got the name, Scenes From Dinner, from my two very good friends who live in New York City. They always would see the hashtag #scenesfromdinner on a certain NYC Restaurant’s Instagram page, and they would use the hashtag on their own food posts.  I absolutely loved the hashtag name and thought it would be the perfect name for a food blog.

Scenes From Dinner is my really fun hobby. It always makes me so happy to receive messages from people asking for a recommendation or thanking me for posting a new place that they didn’t know of yet. I love to explore restaurants/bars in Windsor as well as in Detroit. Whether it be a brunch on the weekend, a market or small coffee shop, I enjoy travelling to see all these different and unique places. I have met and had the privilege of dining with some incredible people and have made a lot of foodie friends.

So after a long time posting pictures on Instagram and Facebook, I FINALLY got a chance to sit down and create something I should of done a long time ago, a food blog. On here, you will find my latest restaurant recommendations in Windsor and Detroit. I will also be posting some recipes as well as dinner suggestions and my exploring/travelling experiences.

Hope you enjoy this page!